In order to achieve the custom look our clients desire for their space we offer several design styles.

All of our cabinets are outfitted with Blum(c) BLUMOTION hinges which feature

  • Soft and silent closing
  • Adaptability to various closing speeds
  • Overload safety feature protects system from damage through use

Inset Cabinets: Door sits inside cabinet frames.

  •  Offered in both concealed Blum hinging and exposed mortise hinging
  •  Flush Inset (frame openings are square creating a clean line look)
  •  Beaded Inset (frame openings are lined with small beading adding an extra detail to your custom look)

Overlay Cabinets: Door overlays cabinet frame (NOTE: only concealed hinging available with these styles)

  • Euro Full Overlay: Majority of the face frame is covered which is very popular in European frameless cabinetry.  We can manufacture this look on our framed cabinetry or Frameless cabinetry, please speak with your design partner about the best fit for your project.
  • 1/2″ overlay: Door overlay face frame partially, in most applications leaving spans of 1″ face frame visible.  A classic timeless look that can be the perfect fit for the right project

Posted in Products on January, 2017